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Frequently asked questions

Physical Process

We establish special C4 grasses, which grow 4 meters tall in 90 to 120 days, on marginal land. In addition we plant trees and other crops over time to preserve biodiversity. Our physical process called Skymining® is backed by an ISO 14064 validation by DNV that confirms the  Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and Soil Carbon Sequestration and Storage capacity of our projects.

While grass roots deposit atmospheric carbon directly into soils to heal them, we transform the harvested grass into biochar for permanent storage or we refine raw materials into valuable products like sustainable fiber or a fossil fuel replacement.

C4 plants are the most efficient CO₂ pumps in the world. They represent only 5% of the world’s biomass, but are responsible for 23% of terrestrial carbon storage. Over the first 10 years of cultivation, these plants can outperform the CO₂ capture capacity of trees by up to 10 times. C4 plants have a very high photosynthetic efficiency allowing a higher biomass production. They also have an increased tolerance to heat and drought, as well as an optimal use of water and nitrogen. All of this allows them to grow on marginal or nutrient-poor land where any other type of crop is impossible.

No. Invasive plants often have a shallow, dense and aggressive root system that can choke out the roots of other surrounding plants. The C4 plants used in our projects, such as Miscanthus x Giganteus, have a deep, branched root system that allows them to efficiently exploit soil nutrients and water. Furthermore, their propagation method does not have a negative impact on local ecosystems.


The land used for our projects is located in Senegal, the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka. Projects are under development in Brazil, Mexico and Thailand.

Yes, we have already invested in land regeneration in Senegal, the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka. We regularly launch new plantations based on purchases made through our various offers.

Yes, although it is difficult to give an accurate estimate of the amount of marginal land in the world, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) reports estimate it at about 1 billion hectares. These marginal lands are not suitable for conventional crops, but they are perfectly suitable for the cultivation of C4 plants. We already have land in Senegal, the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka, and projects are under development in Brazil, Mexico and Thailand.

Trust & Transparency

We will provide you with a Proof of Purchase Certificate available directly in your dashboard interface.

For now you can log in your dashboard interface to see how much land you have regenerated.

Photos and videos of the land will be posted in the dashboard of the personal account of any subscriber to our decarbonization offer. In addition, you can visit the “Our Projects” section of the website for more information on our main projects.


This service is under development, we will inform you of the availability of the service on our different social networks


We can adapt our solution to any type of structure, even for large-scale decarbonization!
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Investment fund

We plan to list the company on the SDX Swiss Exchange or a similar exchange in the coming years.