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The solution to climate change is found
inside the very CO2 that’s causing it.

The carbon inside CO2 is the basis of all life on earth, and is therefore rightly viewed as sacred and immeasurably valuable.
Drawing this carbon back down to earth will not only heal our soils, our society and our climate, it will also finance most of our journey to net-zero emissions.

humans have added 1 Trillion tons of CO2 to the sky

27% of the mass in CO2
is carbon

this is an asset worth € 84 Trillion

By burning oil, gas and coal and deforesting for more than 100 years, many nations have moved large parts of their national wealth into the sky, which now holds a value of €84 Trillion in excess carbon. 

flow earth arranges CO2 drawdown through a benevolent and profitable regenerative farming system that offers the best physical solution to climate change in terms of carbon volumes removed from the atmosphere, cost and support for the United Nations SDGs. By turning previous emissions into thriving farms that produce healthy food, fibre and fuel, the earth’s ecosystems, its carbon cycle and free solar energy finance most of your journey to net-zero emissions.

The moral dilemma of buying carbon credits

Every week the mainstream media is putting more attention on the fact that buying carbon credits might invite companies to keep doing “business as usual” and that there is no decrease in the absolute emissions from fossil fuels.

A person can defend continued use of a private jet simply by purchasing carbon credits to compensate for the emissions, while critics argue that one should instead stop flying, or stop using jet fuel.

flow earth has developed a holistic concept that deals with this moral dilemma. A contract with us will first lead to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, which is safely stored in the ground. Then, when sufficient amounts of CO2 have been captured by our C4 grass plantations, we will start the production of carbon negative jet fuel. When the client switches to net-negative emissions jet fuel from flow earth and its partners, there is no further need for carbon credits or carbon removal credits, as the jet no longer adds CO2 to the atmosphere. We stop the direct emissions from fossil fuels by replacing them outright.

This example can easily be extended to other solid and liquid fossil fuels, that can all be replaced by fuels that have a net-negative emissions profile.

Sometimes we are questioned why we intend to make fuels to replace fossil fuels, but the below pie chart, showing Global primary energy supply, makes it clear that more than 80% of the energy mankind uses still comes from fossil fuels. The continued use of fossil fuels, and the growth in this use, completely negates all efforts made by renewable energy providers to lower global emissions, and also negates all efforts made by all carbon credit projects combined. So it is our philosophy to ‘give the world something else to burn”, something that does not add CO2 to the atmosphere.

This means that our carbon removal contracts immediately remove CO2 from the atmosphere,  store this CO2 in healing soils, and then in the next phase we replace fossil fuels outright to stop their emissions completely.

Global Primary Energy Supply

Legacy & Achievements

The founders of flow earth have worked for several years and invested millions of euros, through different companies, to develop new regenerative agricultural methods combined with permanent carbon storage and carbon negative fuel production. Substantial parts of these funds were dedicated to verify the science, the technologies and the financial engineering, which also led to a process Validation with an ISO 14064 Standard. In addition, the founders invented new digital instruments to hold the carbon capture and financial flows of our projects.

flow earth is now ready to attach direct climate action to consumer transactions and to help companies reach net-zero emissions in a way that is largely self-financing. We have worked for years with financial engineering so that companies and individuals can remove their CO2 emissions from the atmosphere in a way where earth ecosystems finance most of the cost.

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Carl Pendragon
Founder & Chairman


Jeremy Abbondanza


Pascal Valente
Global Project Manager


Frederic Allain


Jeremie Chiche
Head of Sales


Stephanie Houy
Business Developper


Olivier Raina
Head of Design


Claire Kerevel

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