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About us

Our mission is

To restore reciprocity between society and nature

We need to live once again in a relationship of ‘give and take’ with the Earth. Establishing reciprocity is the single most powerful action we can take to heal nature and slow global warming.

Climate Change, ecological destruction, inequality and extinction can all be traced back to the moment we lost the flow of reciprocity: for centuries, we have taken all we want from the earth and given little back. Restoring reciprocity is therefore key.

The biggest thing mankind has only taken from the earth, is carbon. We remove carbon from the ground through deforestation, industrial farming, and by mining the three fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal. When wood and fossil fuels are burned, their carbon is added to the atmosphere as CO2. We have created a process called Skymining® to reverse this carbon flow and give it back to the earth.

The carbon inside the huge volumes of CO2 that mankind has added to the atmosphere is enormously valuable. After drawing this carbon back down to store it in the world’s soils, we subsequently create carbon negative fuel, fibre and food. The Skymining® process will drive ecological healing and slow global warming while producing enough revenues to finance most of the CO2 removal for companies and individuals.

When we give back to nature, she will repay us one hundred times — thereby generating the abundance needed to reduce inequities and create a healthier, happier and more peaceful world.

The solution to climate change is found inside the very CO2 that’s causing it.

Humans have added 1 Trillion tons of CO2 to the sky

27% of the mass in CO2 is carbon
this is an asset worth € 84 Trillion

The carbon inside CO2 is the basis of all life on earth, and is therefore rightly viewed as sacred and immeasurably valuable.

Drawing this carbon back down to earth will not only heal our soils, our society and our climate, it will also finance most of our journey to net-zero emissions.

By burning oil, gas and coal and deforesting for more than 100 years, many nations have moved large parts of their national wealth into the sky, which now holds a value of €84 Trillion in excess carbon. 

flow earth arranges CO2 drawdown through a benevolent and profitable regenerative farming system that offers the best physical solution to climate change in terms of carbon volumes removed from the atmosphere, cost and support for the United Nations SDGs. By turning previous emissions into thriving farms that produce healthy food, fibre and fuel, the earth’s ecosystems, its carbon cycle and free solar energy finance most of your journey to net-zero emissions.

With flow earth, humans accelerate nature’s capacity of carbon ‘drawdown’

The totality of the world’s plants, forests and micro-organisms can absorb and remove billions of tons of CO2 annually, but not nearly as much as humans add to the atmosphere each year.  Our urgent task is therefore to increase this already existing capacity of nature to remove and absorb CO2.

An increase in global soil carbon of only 0.4% per year will reverse all human CO2 emissions.

The main method of Skymining® to draw down atmospheric carbon is to plant fast growing C4 grasses on marginal land. C4 plants make up only 5% of the worlds biomass, but they account for 23% of terrestrial carbon storage. By increasing the relative proportions of C4 plants globally, vast amounts of CO2 can be removed from the sky to create more healthy soils, which can subsequently grow all of the essential products that society will always need; food, fibre and fuel. In the process, plant roots give off carbon to the soils, making the land richer and more valuable, while healing the earth. We will also store atmospheric carbon permanently in soils as biochar.

For each ton of C4 grass that flow earth plants for our clients, nature can grow back 100 tons in the following 10 years. The generosity of nature knows no boundaries.

Technology increases the value of what nature grows

The founders of flow earth have developed new fuel production pathways for solid and liquid fuels, including ‘carbon negative’ diesel and jet fuel. ‘Carbon negative’ means that we remove far more CO2 from the atmosphere than our fuels will emit when used. In addition, we stop the direct emissions of the fossil fuels that we replace. The carbon in our fuels comes from atmospheric CO2 – so we are transforming a huge problem into a giant asset.

After years of research and development we have solved the serious ethical and commercial issues that have plagued the existing production pathways for renewable liquid fuels. Our fuel concepts have been proven commercially and on an industrial scale. We will be working with fossil fuel companies to offer clean, ‘negative-emissions’ fuels that go beyond ‘net-zero’, through the existing energy infrastructure –as this will be the fastest way to reverse global warming.

The flow earth platform can attach CO2 removal to all transactions

Much more than a new solution to solve climate change, the world needed a solution that everyone is doing. Our ultimate mission is to make reciprocity ubiquitous; available to everyone, everywhere.

flow earth is building a platform to bring together the energy sector, the financial sector, private investors, businesses and consumers to share the responsibility and opportunity of solving global warming together.

For this reason flow earth is especially well positioned to deal with Scope 3 emissions, by being able to attach CO2 removal to each end-user transaction without adding a cost to that transaction.

Our self-financing mechanism makes flow earth the new service with the biggest market potential of any service in the world.

We can say this because it’s true … avoiding climate catastrophe is the foundation for all other businesses and human activities

Solving the moral dilemma of buying carbon credits

The mainstream media is rightfully putting ever more attention on the fact that buying carbon credits might result in some companies continuing to do “business as usual”, while carbon credits do not normally lead to a reduction in the direct emissions from fossil fuels.

Civil aviation is a good ‘case in point’. Critics have argued that the use of carbon credits by airlines will serve to extend the fossil fuel era in aviation, potentially by several decades.

flow earth has developed a holistic solution that deals with this moral dilemma. A contract with us will first lead to the physical removal of aviation emissions from the atmosphere, which are safely stored in the ground. Then in the second stage, when sufficient amounts of CO2 have been captured by our ever-growing C4 grass plantations, we will start the production of carbon negative jet fuel, using atmospheric carbon as the main feedstock. We can produce a synthetic Jet A-1 fuel from C4 grasses that is certified to mix up to 50% with existing aviation fuel.

It should then be a joint goal of governments and the aviation industry to enable the use of 100% of this carbon negative synthetic jet fuel, as it has already been certified and approved for 100% use by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (Defence Standard DEFSTAN 91-91).

By combining our physical carbon removal contracts with future production of fossil fuel replacements, our clients will not be extending their use of fossil fuels in the way described above. If our fuels are used 100%, there will be no further need for carbon credits, as our fuels do not add CO2 to the atmosphere. We stop the direct emissions from fossil fuels by replacing them outright, and instead of competing with oil companies we will work with them to refine our green crude, which they can subsequently distribute as final fuels through their logistics infrastructure.

flow earth does not believe in the concept of “fight”; we are not here to “fight” climate change, nor to “fight” fossil fuel companies — we are hear to motivate deep cooperation to solve our challenges together.

Global Primary Energy Supply

We solve the moral dilemma also for solid fuels like coal

Sometimes we are questioned why we intend to make fuels than can replace fossil fuels, but this pie chart answers the question quite precisely: more than 80% of all the energy mankind uses still comes from fossil fuels.

The continued use of fossil fuels, coupled with all the new projects that are coming online soon, has so far completely negated the combined efforts made by all providers of renewable energy, EV, battery storage and carbon credits of all types. In other words, despite the best efforts of all parts of society so far, we have not yet been able to decrease global GHG emissions during a single year since 2010 (with the only exception due to Covid-19 lockdowns), nor lower the already existing volume of atmospheric carbon.

flow earth is the only provider that combines the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere with a subsequent reduction in direct emissions from fossil fuels.

This is possible
This is possible

Legacy & Achievements

The founders of flow earth have worked for several years and invested millions of euros, through different companies, to develop new regenerative agricultural methods combined with permanent carbon storage and carbon negative fuel production. Substantial parts of these funds were dedicated to verify the science, the technologies and the financial engineering, which also led to a process Validation with an ISO 14064 Standard. In addition, the founders invented new digital instruments to hold the carbon capture and financial flows of our projects.

flow earth is now ready to attach direct climate action to consumer transactions and to help companies reach net-zero emissions in a way that is largely self-financing. We have worked for years with financial engineering so that companies and individuals can remove their CO2 emissions from the atmosphere in a way where earth ecosystems finance most of the cost.

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Carl Pendragon
Founder & Chairman


Jeremy Abbondanza


Pascal Valente
Global Project Manager


Frederic Allain


Jeremie Chiche
Head of Sales


Olivier Raina
Head of Design


Claire Kerevel

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Our flow earth symbol stands for Truth, Love and Right Action.

Our attempt to embody these three values is the defining aspect of our company, our lives and our work.
We believe that, more than a new solution for climate change, we need a solution that everybody is doing.
We need to involve all parts of society, and most importantly, the people.

We believe that if companies, the finance sector and the people work together,
we can reverse global warming on the scale that is needed.
We will share not only in the responsibility of solving climate change, but also the enormous opportunity that this is.